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About Us


Carts on Wheels brings together the most important qualities that customers want – right products at the right time and at the right value. Building on our experience in retailing and our understanding of the groceries and gourmet foods business, we started CartsonWheels, as an answer to the multi-faceted challenge faced by our consumers namely:

·  The many hours it takes to complete grocery shopping

·  The need to visit multiple stores to complete shopping

·  The price variance between different stores

·  Access to quality foods

·  The simple fact that it is a cumbersome weekly exercise


We are not just an aggregator. In fact, we’re anything but an aggregator – Carts on Wheelsgives you
  • Exceptional value: As we have price agreements with partner stores, we are able to guarantee that you get the best price there is.
  • A comprehensive store-shelf: Our storefront combines stocks from all our partner stores, including Indianstores, as well as home brands.
  • Complete convenience: You choose the date and time, we’ll deliver it. You can either order for same-day delivery, or build your order over the week and have it delivered once.
  • We know our groceries: Fresh means fresh – and our expertise in grocery retailing has given us the ability to assure you freshness in every item on your grocery list.

How it works

Price Agreements

Given the scale that we plan on operating, we have price agreements with multiple stores – so we get discounts that only large bulk purchasers get. As simple as that and we transfer this benefit to you. For example – when you order grains or spices, you order by the ounce – we have agreements to purchase them at prices you will see only when you buy them by the stone. Furthermore, the agreements allow us exclusive access to first grade produce. .

Convenient Ordering System

We understand that your need is not just home delivery, but the flexibility and convenience of ordering when you want, and delivery when you need it. You can order your milk, your cereals, or breads to be delivered on the weekend or on any given day. If you forget something, you can easily make an addition to your order and we’ll process it without the need for multiple deliveries. We don’t stock – when you place an order, we alert the store from which you have chosen to make available the products on the date of delivery. We pick up on the day of delivery and we pick them up fresh!

Quality Assured

We understand your needs and priorities. We have thus gone to great lengths to make sure that when you order from us, you get the very best. To make this reality, we have exclusive agreements with each of our partner stores not just for the price and freshness but also the best quality. This is specifically true for fruits, vegetables, grains, and spices.

Regular Audits

Every two weeks, we do a complete audit of our orders to make sure our customers and partners get the best. The audit process includes: • Verifying quality of delivery – We take feedback on every delivery and record it against each of our partners, scoring them on the price, quality, availability and timeliness of delivery. • Investigating quality, price and availability challenges – We conduct detailed investigations to understand the root cause of each of any sub-par quality, price or timeliness feedback • Remedial measures – to prevent such occurrences in future