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In our endeavor to build fruitful and lasting relationships with our marketplace, we are always on the lookout for partners who can fulfil our customers’ requirements for high-quality.

If you are a store operating in Houston and would like to partner with us, do reach out. We would love to hear from you.

When should you partner with us

You have a range of high-quality products, whether niche or mass market – we bridge the gap between variety and specialty. So if you are a small business, we definitely will help you expand your marketplace

You have a strong eye for quality and timely availability.

Why you should partner with us

We give you access to the whole of Houston – not just your neighborhood

You will be a part of an elite group of individual stores that provide the best there is on offer. Your high quality will improve the group, and the group’s high quality will make you more famous.

We give you continuedbusiness – our customers are those who know their quality. And we give them the added advantage of flexible home-delivery. So you are bound to get higher volumes

How you can partner with us

Reach out to our partner-desk at and we will initiate the empanelment process. The following are the checks that we perform before executing the partner agreement:

Quality check: we will conduct single blind and double blind quality checks – this would mean we will purchase products from you without notice through:

A person who knows that he is performing a quality check on your store

A person who does not know that he/she is performing a quality check on your store

This ensures that we are amply certain of your ability to deliver high-quality products, consistently.

Price-point check: We will discuss your price list and present to you the best price options, after comparing it with the local and wider Houston store prices. We would want you to provide the best price, of course without compromising on your profitability.

Cleanliness and Facility checks: We will perform a complete check of your facilities for cleanliness and standard requirements for each of your products, with respect to storage, packaging and transportation. We will make recommendations if necessary and may provide you with advice or our own services to make sure you are procuring, storing and transporting goods while making sure they are fresh, clean, and in the best condition for consumption.

What you should know

We perform regular audits – if you are consistent with your quality, we will route more orders through your store and less if you are not consistent.

We perform both immediate and staggered deliveries – so we will require you to manage orders that are both single-day as well as multi-day. You will be required to make sure the highest quality and freshest of produce is available at the time of pick-up.

We offer refunds on “damaged on arrival” or “significantly lower quality” products. You will be bound by Carts on Wheels’ replacement and refund policy and will offer the same. You will be responsible for making acceptable quality products for immediate delivery, should one or more of your products be defective or damaged.